Does my daughter really need a trunk?

Yes! The trunks are the campers’ individual space to store and keep all of their personal clothes and belongings. The hard trunks are durable and will last for many summers. (I still have the same one I bought my first Chinqueka summer in 1998!)

What is the deal with sunscreen & bug spray?

We’re on it! We have stations all over camp with supplies — the waterfront, sports field and on the playground. However, many campers do like to bring their own products with them and we encourage you to pack these. Our counselors remind the campers daily to lotion and bug spray up!

Can I pick my daughters color team in advance?

Sorry… but that wouldn’t be any fun! On the second night, all new campers are initiated into their new color and they are on this color for life! Every summer they return to Chinqueka they will be on the same color. It’s a wonderful tradition and the girls absolutely love it. Trust the process!

How does the laundry and towel service work?

These services are included in tuition! We send laundry out once per week and it returns the next day. Campers should pack two sets of sheets for when one set is out at the laundry. Fresh towels are at stations outside the shower houses and at the waterfront. The girls can pick up and drop off towels when they need them.

When will I hear from you after drop off day?

Drop off day is Sunday and all new parents will hear from your daughter’s cabin counselor by phone on Wednesday morning. This gives your camper a few days to acclimate and gives us some time to get to know her. We will provide you with a real, genuine update and hopefully put you at ease a bit at home.

When do I find out more about Opening Day?

You will receive a detailed email from us a few weeks before drop off day. To learn more about what to expect on drop off day, check out our parent handbook. Most parents stay at camp for about 1 hour to help with move in, meet cabin counselors and have a camp tour.

I have a question that wasn't listed...

Call us at (860) 567-9678! Or email us at [email protected]! We are available to answer any and all questions you may have about Chinqueka.