Refer a Friend

Refer your friends to Awosting and Chinqueka!

After September 1st, we will credit your account with 10% of the session fees for EACH new camper you refer who attends Awosting or Chinqueka for the 2023 Summer Camp Season. Just follow these 3 Steps!

  1. Enroll for the summer 2023 season at Awosting or Chinqueka. Call 1-860-567-9678 to ensure you’ve enrolled already!
  2. Complete a Tell-A-Friend form (for each friend) on our website. Be sure to let your friend know they should say they heard about camp from you, when they enroll.
  3. We’ll give you a tuition credit equal to 10% of the paid tuition for each friend you referred to us who comes to camp!

You must submit each camper’s full address to qualify, so that we can send them the information they need to sign up!

You must complete this form! Please refer to the program Terms & Conditions. By submitting the information you agree to abide by the terms below. Tuition credits will be applied AFTER the summer, after all campers have left. We will not award referral credits in excess of your camper’s account charges.