The Chinqueka philosophy, “Where Girls Can Be Girls”, is based on the foundation of teaching our campers life lessons through unique and fun experiences. Our four core values provide a solid foundation for the Chinqueka program and culture: empowerment, sisterhood, kindness and growth.


Each and every day at Chinqueka is centered around making our girls feel empowered. Whether it be on the sports field, in the ceramics room or performing on the stage, all girls feels accomplished at Chinqueka. Our diverse program provides a place for each camper to shine and feel accepted and empowered for exactly who she is.

Group of girls paddles canoe toward camera


We embrace the spirit of sisterhood. Our community is the lifeblood of Chinqueka – new campers immediately feel “at home” and included from Day 1.  Our program is focused on building lifelong friendships through teamwork and learning together. We provide our girls with strong role models and have a spirit on camp where everyone leaves their mark on Chinqueka by being the best that they can be.

Group of campers hold arms up around campfire


At Chinqueka, we focus on kindness and girls looking out for one another. No one sits alone, plays alone or feels alone here. “Kindness is cool” at Chinqueka and we recognize leadership and emphasize the importance of looking out for each other and including everyone.


Our girls at Chinqueka are encouraged to try and try again! They discover their passions and practice their talents, each while finding her own voice. Our campers go home after truly growing, sometimes in just 2 short weeks, and feel prepared to take on another school year and new obstacles, while feeling the confidence they need to succeed.

Camp director laughs with girl on porch bench