The Sister/Brother Camp Experience

Camp Chinqueka and Camp Awosting operate as two separate camps under a common philosophy and leadership, each with equal but separate facilities. Both camps have their own staff, programs, culture, and traditions.

The typical pressures of boys and girls interacting are gone! Campers don’t feel the pressure of being in a co-ed environment and can enjoy a fun summer by fully engaging in their cabin. Our campers can have a get up and go attitude and not worry about what to wear and comfortably embrace their strength. Girls are able to forge deep social connections without the pressures of the boy-girl dynamic that they’re used to during the school year. Our girls are nicer to each other, without the social pressures that can come from an intense co-ed camp.

Chinqueka strikes the perfect balance between the unique camaraderie of a girls camp and the richness of life in an intentional co-ed community. When we do bring our two camps together it is always in the context of making age-appropriate friendships and activity-oriented programming. Our girls enjoy the well supervised weekly socials, friendly activity exchanges, theatre programs, and special events with the boys, either at Camp Awosting or here at Chinqueka.

Girls and boys at summer camp social co-ed event