Our physical location is at 1519 Bantam Road in Bantam, Connecticut, and most online maps (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.) will give you accurate directions. Feel free to use our suggestions below!

From Hartford

Take Exit 39 on 84- West. Follow HWY 4 heading west for 14 miles until it junctions with Rt. 118. Continue on HWY 118 heading west for 6.7 miles to Litchfield center. Turn left onto Rt 202 West. Continue on HWY 202 heading southwest for 3.3 miles to Bantam. If you are traveling to Awosting, turn left at this Bantam traffic light onto Rt 209. Follow to the end where it junctions rt 109. Turn left onto 109 and the Awosting entrance will be 1000 feet on left. If you are travelling to Chinqueka – stay on route 202 West, Camp Chinqueka will be on the left hand side 3 miles after the Bantam traffic lights. You will pass the lake on the left, then you will see a brown sign “Mt Tom State Park”. Turn off the highway following this sign and camp is first driveway on left.

From Waterbury

HWY 8 heading north for 8.2 miles. Exit off highway at Exit 38. Turn left under the bridge and follow signs for Rt 109 West …to Morris (heading west for 8.9 miles). Camp Awosting will be exactly one mile on your right after the intersection of Rt 109 and Rt 61. For Chinqueka, continue on 109 and Bear right on HWY 209 heading north for 2.9 miles to Bantam center. Turn left on US 202 heading west for 3 miles until you see the lake on the left, then a brown sign “Mt Tom State Park”. Turn off Rt 202 and follow the Park sign. Camp Chinqueka will be the first drive on your left after you turn.

From New York

Take HWY 95 heading north (Cross Bronx Expressway). After 95 merges into Bruckner Expressway in Pelham, exit onto the Hutchinson River Parkway (marked toward New England and North) Follow the Hutchinson Pkwy until it merges with Interstate Hwy 684 North. (This will be a left lane merge after you pass exit for Interstate 287.)

Proceed on 684 north for 27.2 miles. Turn off at exit marked for Interstate Highway 84 (toward Brewster and Danbury Conn.) After you cross over the Connecticut border, leave the highway at exit 7 (This will be a left hand merge exit…it will continue to be a four lane roadway and will now be marked Highway route 7). At the end of this four lane road, turn right at the traffic light (this will continue to be route 7 all the way to New Milford) As you pass through Brookfield, Highway US 202 will merge with Rt 7…both heading north. In New Milford (at the traffic light) bear right and follow Rt 202 over the steel bridge and toward Litchfield (you will leave Rt 7 at this junction). Continue on Rt 202 North thru New Preston and Woodville. AFTER passing the junction of Rt 34l on your left, you will continue on Rt 202 up a 1 mile long hill until you see a brown sign at the top “Mt. Tom State Park”. Bear right and follow the sign leaving highway 202. Camp Chinqueka will be straight ahead on the Right (watch for large overhead sign with camp name and large White House on right.)