Leadership Development

The Counselor In Training (CIT)Counselor Aide (CA) and Jr. Counselor (JC) program is for former Chinqueka campers 16-18 years of age. CITs, CAs and Jr. Counselors learn valuable skills such as leadership, responsibility, and reliability.

The fundamental objective of this multi-year program is to provide opportunities for participation in the operation of the camp and an introduction to leadership techniques and responsibilities. Our program seeks to foster the development of skills in group leadership, game and activity leadership, enthusiasm, communication, positive learning, managing undesired behavior, teaching, teamwork, responsibility, respect, motivation, listening, planning, initiative, creativity, persistence, problem solving and observation. It is also designed to be a benefit to young people regardless of their interest in camp counseling.

CITs, CAs and Jr. Counselors practice the skills they are taught and are evaluated daily. Participants are rotated among camper groups and specialty areas for a variety of experiences with different aged campers and activities, and will have the opportunity to lead children, teach activity lessons, brainstorm, and team-build.

Acceptance into the program is dependent upon the individual’s performance as a camper in the following areas: leadership potential, enthusiasm for camp life, positive attitude and maturity.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should contact Emily at [email protected] by the end of September, as these positions fill up quickly.